Swanson Tool SO101 7-inch Speed Square

Product Features

  • 7-inch speed square; fits in pocket
  • Incorporates features of framing square, tri square, mitre square, and protractor square
  • Constructed of aluminum alloy
  • Includes square, 62-page pocket booklet
  • 7 by 7 by 10-inches; 1.2-pounds; 1-year warranty

2 thoughts on “Swanson Tool SO101 7-inch Speed Square

  1. There’s a reason they have a patent on it I am amazed you’re allowed to buy a saw without proof that you own one of these. This simple right angle is difference between tables that rest on four legs and those that float on three. It is the hard edge that is always perfect (you cannot chip or damage it) and it is small and light enough that it should follow you everywhere. If that weren’t enough, there are markings and measurements on its face (including a hole to mark 2×4 widths) that have common board thickness and sizes. If…

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