Stanley 060864R Folding Sawhorse (2-Pack)

Stanley gives you the perfect accessory when sawing with this FatMax Twin Pack Folding Sawhorse (060864R). Lightweight and easy to transport, it has top rubber points to help secure the surface in place while you work. It has a tray that conveniently holds your tools and side hangers to hold cables. The V-groove holds materials in place as you saw. Perfect for sawing lumber and pipes, construction, and remodeling applications. The set comes with two folding sawhorse.

Product Features

  • Holds 1,000 pounds per pair
  • Light-weight design and easy to transport
  • Features integral V-groove for holding lumber and pipes
  • Top rubber points help secure surface in place
  • Has side hangers to hold cables and tray opens up to hold tools

3 thoughts on “Stanley 060864R Folding Sawhorse (2-Pack)

  1. Excellent changes These are much better than the other, cheaper Stanley sawhorses we’d been using that had too many fiddly parts in them (some of which were plastic knobs that held the center flat work space on and the two sides apart). The knobs on the previous Stanley sawhorses completely wore down to nothing, so we had to find a way to fix that to keep the sides from collapsing. On these, there’s no issue with that at all. Worth the extra few bucks and these will be around for a LOT longer. Just wish Stanley…

  2. THEY ARE WHAT THEY ARE AND ARE PERFECT FOR WHAT I USE THEM FOR. First of all, I did not purchase these via Amazon but I wish I had as I would have saved about twenty dollars…and it must be noted I bought mine on sale here locally.Anyway…These sawhorses are what they are which are relatively inexpensive sawhorses which are ideal for occasional home use. They fold down quite nicely and take up little storage room. These sawhorses ARE NOT built for industrial or professional use, not by a long shot! If you took them to a…

  3. DIY Horses Perfectly good sawhorses for home DIY use. The manufacturer claims 1000# capable – perhaps… but I wouldn’t care to crawl between them while they were struggling to demonstrate the Stanley Corporation’s pride of manufacture. They are plastic and therefore light so easily moved. They fold VERY compactly for storage – the pair can be hung on a garage wall without obstructing walk-past traffic.I read with interest the assessment by “doc holliday”, an earlier reviewer, and take his…

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