Kreg KMA2600 Square-Cut

KREG Square-Cut is the fastest and easiest way for anyone to achieve perfect square cuts and consistent lengths. Guide arm adjusts to exact distance from edge of saw base to inside edge of saw blade Works with material up to 12 wide such as siding and decking Roof pitch layout feature is handy for siding, fascia and rafter work on the jobsite. No-slip rubber feet and a little gentle pressure hold the Square-Cut firmly in place. Made of durable, impact resistant plastic Perfect for any brand of circular saw or jig saw. B003ARSYQM-KMA2600-mainSee larger image.

The most difficult part of cutting wood to length with a circular or jig saw, is accurately aligning the saw blade to our pencil mark. Unlike a standard square, the Kreg Square-Cut features an adjustable guide arm which locks-in your saw’s unique base-to-blade offset, allowing you to instantly align your saw blade to the pencil mark and make perfect 90 degree cuts, time after time.

The Square-Cut’s adjustable guide arm compensates for the length from the blade to the edge of your base plate, and can be set to match any circular saw or jig saw. What does this mean for you? No more eye-balling the blade on the pencil mark or using your tape measure to get the correct set-back… just faster results, fewer mistakes, and less aggravation.

About Kreg Tool Company

In 1986 Craig Sommerfeld was in the process of building his house and needed to find a way to attach his doweled face frames to his kitchen cabinet carcase members. A tool and die maker by trade, but a woodworker out of necessity, Craig had a problem. Not wanting to nail them on and then fill with putty, he designed and built “Craig’s Jig” which was a single-hole pocket hole jig crafted from steel and aluminum that allowed him to attach the face frames from the inside of the cabinet where the joint could be hidden from view.

In the intervening years, Kreg Tool Company has emerged as the leader in Pocket Hole Technology. From the manual Kreg Jig to the fully-automatic Pro Series machines, Kreg offers a simple solution that has changed the way thousands of woodworkers join wood.

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KMA2600 Square-Cut

At a Glance Adjustable arm requires no trimming Switch back and forth between any circular or jig saw Supports work pieces up to 12 inches wide Rubber feet ensure secure control Low-profile design won’t interfere with saw Built-in roof pitch scale for cutting siding

Product Features

  • Switch back and forth between any circular or jig saw
  • Adjustable arm requires no trimming
  • Supports work pieces up to 12-Inch wide
  • Low-profile design won’t interfere with saw
  • Built-in roof pitch scale for cutting siding

2 thoughts on “Kreg KMA2600 Square-Cut

  1. So simple, yet so helpful Before buying this product, I was using a framing square to try at get square cuts with my circular saw. Sometimes it would work, but more often than not I would end up either having the square off by a few millimeters or it would move when I was cutting. With the Kreg Square Cut, you first calibrate the item to your saw by running a test cut and then adjusting the bottom arm. When I did this, I also drew a line along the edge of the Square Cut, just so could be sure that it didn’t move when…

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