Keter 17182239 Folding Work Table

Lightweight and ultra-portable, this mobile work station is ideal for home improvement enthusiasts. Designed to hold up to 1000 pounds, the BDWM1000 provides you with a clamping area where you can complete gluing projects or painting, sanding, and cutting jobs. This station features two one-handed clamps with four clamping slots and two clamp channels–so you can perform either horizontal or vertical clamping tasks. An additional shelf keeps the bar clamps in easy reach, while the quick-release legs allow the table to collapse down to less than four inches in width. Finally, the BDWM1000’s mobility means you can pick it up and move it to wherever you’d like to work.

Product Features

  • Portable Work Station
  • Two Removable 12-Inch Clamps Included
  • Unique Quick-Opening System
  • Large Work Surface
  • Holds Up To 1000 Pounds / 453 Kilograms

2 thoughts on “Keter 17182239 Folding Work Table

  1. Works great but… Had this work table for a little over a year although I’ve only used it 4-5 x for small projects. Design is great, easy set-up and take down, good work surface, etc. However, I was putting the table away and one of the legs must not have folded just right (they are out of sight during the folding process) and it snapped off. I was able to see that the leg is actually attached by only six small plastic tabs on the end of the leg cap. Actually quite poor construction, but more importantly,…

  2. Great portable work bench I live in an RV but still work on projects where you need a stable work platform. I had an old Black’n Decker portable workbench for 35 years, but with its exposed steel legs and design, would be a little hard to store in the RV. So when we moved aboard full time, I gave the old bench to my son, who spotted this one for me. (two years ago).But, Costco had sold the last one before I could get one, and this one seemed to dissappear from view. I periodically searched the internet,…

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