DEWALT DW384 8-1/4-Inch Circular Saw with Brake and Rear Pivot Depth of Cut Adjustment

The DEWALT 8 1/4-Inch Heavy-Duty Circular Saw features a unique rear pivoting point for setting a depth of cut while keeping hands behind the machine at all times. This heavy-duty circular saw has a powerful 15.0 Amp motor and a heavy-gauge aluminum alloy base for a long tool life and maximum durability on even the roughest of job sites. Other features include an electric brake that safely stops the blade after use, a versatile bevel capacity of 50 degrees, and a heavy-duty kit box for securely transporting and storing the machine.

Product Features

  • Rear pivot depth of cut adjustment allows your hand to remain behind the tool at all depth of cuts
  • 15.0 Amp, high-torque motor for increased productivity
  • 50 degree bevel capacity increases range of applications
  • Heavy-gauge, high-strength aluminum alloy base for increased durability on worksite
  • Electric brake stops blade after use

2 thoughts on “DEWALT DW384 8-1/4-Inch Circular Saw with Brake and Rear Pivot Depth of Cut Adjustment

  1. exceeding my expectations I am actively involved in timber framing for myself, and have been looking for the right mid-sized circular saw for a while. I came dangerously close to ordering the Milwaukee 10-1/4″ until I read a very helpful review on this site about the paper thin foot that easily bent. I already own a 16-5/16″ Makita, and it is a beast, with a maximum 6-1/2″ depth of cut at 90 degrees. I needed a saw that could cut 3″ deep—this saw is advertized at 2-15/16″, and it does every drop of that! The foot is…

  2. DeWalt 8-1/4 Power Saw Simply put, this saw has a lot of power and is great for framing and ripping 2×4’s. I used this saw to rip 3×10’s and it handled the job with ease. I would have to recommend this saw over the 7-1/4 types. If you only can afford one saw, this is the one to buy. 7-1/4 inch type saws are lighter and easier to handle all day long, but they won’t cut like this one. I own both types of saws and I usually go for the 8-1/4. They really should make a case for this thing. Mine didn’t come with a…

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