Black & Decker BDCMTTS Matrix Trim Saw Attachment

The Black & Decker BDCMTTS Matrix Trim Saw Attachment has a lightweight, compact design for comfort and control. Its spindle lock button allows for single-wrench bit changes. This trim saw attachment can be used with any tool in the Black & Decker Matrix line including the BDEDMT and BDCDMT112.

Product Features

  • For use with Black & Decker BDEDMT and BDCDMT112
  • Powerful Performance for use on plywood, paneling and fence boards
  • Lightweight, compact design for comfort and control
  • RPM (12v Max = 0-2600, 20v Max = 0-3400 and AC 4A = 0-2800)

2 thoughts on “Black & Decker BDCMTTS Matrix Trim Saw Attachment

  1. Well Done The first thing I thought when I held the item was “wow, this is pretty heavy”. It does have quite a bit of plastic but there is nothing cheap about it. It is well constructed. The gearbox inside must made with metal gears given its weight.Secondly, the thing cuts like a charm. Like another reviewer said… It can/will cause smoke if you rush the cut. However, if you take your time it will cut a VERY straight cut and will do so without any smoking whatsoever.I appreciate…

  2. Exactly what it should be. Just be aware, I actually use the Craftsman Bolt On system which is EXACTLY the same interchangeable tool and I’m sure is made by the same manufacturer.Anyway, I read one of the other reviews which is obviously written by somebody who doesn’t use tools so I had to write this.This is probably my favorite attachment for this tool system. It’s solid construction and works well, but the entire housing and blade guard is only made of a thick rigid plastic – so no metal…

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