Ridgid R25001 2.4 Amp 1/4-Inch Sheet Sander

Ridgid Tools – Item# 46830 – Fitting, Straight – Please see the Ridgid Tools website for specs, image, and detailed description. Ridgid R2500 1/4-inch Sheet Sander

Ridgid R2500 14683. The 1/4-inch sheet sander features a through body sealed slide switch for reliability and ease of use. The on-board vaccuum adaptor fits standard vacuum hoses. Designed with oversized quick release tabs for securing standard paper. The permanent magnet motor maintains constant speed and power during loaded conditions. The active through pad dust collection makes for a cleaner work environment.

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For use on wood and metal surfaces Features of the Ridgid R2500
Active through pad dust collection
Permanent magnet motor
Oversized quick release tabs
On-board vacuum adaptor
Through body sealed slide switch

Specifications Input: 2.4-amps No Load Speed: 14,000 OPM Orbit Diameter: 1/16-inches Tool Weight: 3-pounds

What’s in the Box
R2500 sander, three sheets of paper (120, 180, 220 grit), paper punch, dust bag, operators manual, heavy duty contractor bag

Warranty information
Limited three-year warranty and 90-day satisfaction guarantee policy. This warranty covers all defects in workmanship or materials in this Ridgid tool for the three year period from the date of purchase. This warranty is specific to this tool. Warranties for other Ridgid products may vary.

3 thoughts on “Ridgid R25001 2.4 Amp 1/4-Inch Sheet Sander

  1. The worst finishing sander i’ve used Rare that i have to write a bad review, but this sander is pretty bad. I picked one up at a big box store as my old dewalt’s pad disintegrated and they did not have a replacement for it (i probably can make one eventually but had to finish a cabinet today). Ive probably used a dozen different 1/4 sheet sanders over the 40 years ive been doing woodworking and this is probably the worst. i have an old 1/2 sheet from the 50s that does a much better job than this one! vibration is awful, it will…

  2. Manufacturer’s defect It’s three years later and I want to use my sander for the tenth time. As I was sanding a fence picket lying flat on a worktable, the sander came apart. The sanding pad came apart from the body of the sander due to normal vibration. I can see that it’s a manufacturer’s defect, and the problem is that the manufacturer’s glue did not adhere to all four attachment points on the sanding pad. Three of the four attachment points do not have any glue on them and have only been holding on by the…

  3. Sadder but Wiser I bought my Ridgid 2500 a year or two ago at Home Depot. My son-in-law had the complete Ridgid cordless set and it’s high quality so I expected the best, especially when I saw the fabulous power cord on this R2500 1/4 sheet sander. I had and still have, a DeWalt but its dust collection never worked so I “upgraded” to the Ridgid.I should have taken it right back to Home Depot. The power switch is in the wrong place where you will accidentally turn it off OR ON unexpectedly. And…

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