MARSHALLTOWN The Premier Line VS792 Vacuum Sander with Hose

Vacuum Sander, Number of Pieces 4, Size 6 ft., Length (Ft.) 6, Dustless Drywall Sanding, Pivoting Elbow, Adjustable Vent, For Drywall Joint Sanding, For Use With Standard 9 In. x 11 In. Sanding Screen, Most Shop Type Vacuums, Includes 6 ft. Hose, Coupler, And Adapter

Product Features

  • Dustless drywall sanding
  • Includes 6-foot of hose, coupler and adapter for compatibility with most shop type vacs
  • Ergonomic DuraSoft handle designed specifically for vacuum sanding
  • Adjustable vent allows for variable vacuum force
  • Designed for use with standard sanding screen, 1 sanding sheet included

3 thoughts on “MARSHALLTOWN The Premier Line VS792 Vacuum Sander with Hose

  1. clean, comfortable sanding I love this sander. The handle is comfortable and makes sanding allot easier. I had another vacuum sander but never ended up finishing a job with a regular sander since the other vacuum sander was so uncomfortable and difficult to use. Using this I was able to do a small drywall job in my house without moving out or coating the house with dust as happens with a regular sander. I’m not a professional so I really appreciated the soft grip which made holding onto it after sanding for a long time…

  2. Decent tool, but rough around the edges This sander was a decent solution to my sanding problems, but it has some issues as well. I needed something to augment a Porter-Cable wall sander while I refinished hallways and staircase walls. The Porter-Cable sander is an amazing tool (a little expensive), but something else was needed for the edge-work. That’s where this Marshalltown vacuum came in. It does a good job of sanding, but because it isn’t an orbital sander you really need to be careful not to grind straight lines right into…

  3. Well designed and well built This is really as advertised. Works great, handles easily, and makes hand sanding into a comfortable job. It is strong and rugged but light weight and well balanced.

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