Ryobi ZRCFS1503K 1.2 Amp Corner Cat Finish Sander

Includes 1.2 Amp Corner Catand Finish Sander – ZRCFS1503K, Dust Bag, (3) 120-Grit Pads, (2) 240-Grit Pads, (1) Light Duty Scrubbing Pad, (1) Polishing Pad, Sandpaper Punch, Carrying Case, Operator Manual

Product Features

  • 12,000 OPM for quick efficient sanding
  • Unique shape is useful as a pad sander or a corner sander
  • Various attachment pads for multiple uses
  • Compact design for added user comfort
  • Dust protected on/off switch

2 thoughts on “Ryobi ZRCFS1503K 1.2 Amp Corner Cat Finish Sander

  1. Ok product, no good refills though Product runs good, lasts a while, low maintenance which is a plus for me. Only down side is the refills for the sander sheets are @10.00 here on Amazon and I think maybe you can get them better through online home depot, otherwise, refills seem scarce to come by, and costly when purchased here on Amazon…FYI

  2. OK Sander This product was exactly as described and was in even better condition then I expected! The product while opened, included all of the original papers and the bag appeared to be almost new. Others have shared that the different sandpapers take off the velcro base when they are removed, but as long as you hold the velcro to the base as you pull off the attached paper you don’t have a problem at all. I’m not sure what everyone else is talking about. I haven’t have any problems with the velcro…

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