Rockwell RK5140K Sonicrafter Hyperlock with Universal Fit and Constant Speed Control Oscillating Tool Kit

July 31, 2013 - Comment

The Rockwell RK5140K Sonicrafter with Hyperlock is three systems in one-making it the most efficient oscillating tool on the market. Hyperlock makes tool-less blade changes simple and easy with less confusion. The Hyperlock Universal Fit system allows for (1) quick and easy tool-less blade changes, (2) securely tightens blades with up to one ton of

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The Rockwell RK5140K Sonicrafter with Hyperlock is three systems in one-making it the most efficient oscillating tool on the market. Hyperlock makes tool-less blade changes simple and easy with less confusion. The Hyperlock Universal Fit system allows for (1) quick and easy tool-less blade changes, (2) securely tightens blades with up to one ton of clamping force, (3) and accepts other brand blades with its universal fit system. No more searching around or shopping for the proper brand blade. The RK5140K Sonicrafter is also the fastest cutting sonicrafter with its constant speed control which allows the tool to maintain speed-of-cut under load. With its constant speed control, now tackling heavy duty jobs like notching thick wood, removing grout, and cutting through pipe is faster and effortless with the 3.0-Amp Sonicrafter tool. Whether you’re a professional or an avid do-it-yourselfer, the all-in-one and versatile Rockwell RK5140K Sonicrafter with Hyperlock gives you the ability to sand, polish, scrape, and cut a wide variety of materials with easy blade changes. It is an effective tool to help streamline any job tasks. The variable-speed operates with microsonic high-frequency oscillation to produce smooth, safe movements without kickback. Ideal on the job site or around the house, this efficient tool boasts a slim body that makes it ideal for working in confined spaces. It will be your go-to-tool for all your projects like scraping to remove paint, old caulking, rust, stain, polish, or grout. Use it to score ceramic tile, remove and cut carpeting, or sand and polish those hard-to-reach spaces. Easily switch blades with the tool-less Hyperlock to cut wood, thin metals, fiberglass, masonry, plastic, flooring, cement board, and even vinyl siding. It would take various other tools to do what the all-in-one Rockwell Sonicrafter can do in less time, less effort, and less hassle. Rockwell Sonicrafter The Sonicrafter can handle delicate trim projects as well as heavy-duty applications (view larger). Rockwell Sonicrafter Rockwell’s Universal Fit system allows for easy changes between accessories from multiple brands for a variety of applications (view larger).

Rockwell’s RK5140K 12-piece Sonicrafter oscillating tool kit is equipped with everything you need to tackle a variety of projects, whether you’re a professional contractor or an avid DIYer. At the center of this kit is the all-in-one 3-amp Sonicrafter, which—thanks to the collection of blades, sanding sheets, and other included accessories—is ideal for scraping, scoring, sawing, sanding, polishing, and cutting jobs big and small.

12-Piece Sonicrafter Kit Provides Utmost in Versatility

Rockwell’s 3-amp Sonicrafter features a slim body for extended use that is also ideal for use in tight spaces. The Hyperlock clamping system exerts more than one ton of force to securely attach accessories so they will not move out of place during operation, regardless of the application. Its variable-speed capabilities allow for microsonic, high-frequency oscillation to create smooth and safe movements without any kickback. Applications are as diverse as scraping paint or wallpaper, polishing metal, sanding wood, scoring ceramic tile, or cutting carpeting.

Universal Fit System for Convenient Multipurpose Functionality

Rockwell’s proprietary Universal Fit system eliminates the hassle of searching or shopping around for the proper brand blade to fit the Sonicrafter. It accepts accessories from other brands, attaching quickly and securely so that you can continue your job with minimal downtime. Easily switch between a variety of blades from most brands to cut wood, masonry materials, flooring, plastic, fiberglass, cement board, thin metals, or even vinyl siding.

What’s in the Box

One Rockwell RK5140K Sonicrafter kit, including one 3-amp Sonicrafter with Hyperlock tool, one 1-3/8-inch bi-metal end cut blade, one 3-1/8-inch HSS semicircle saw blade, one rigid scraper blade, one sanding pad, three sanding sheets, one carbide semicircle grout blade, one Sonishear attachment, one universal adapter, and one hard-sided carry case with accessory binds.

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3-amp Sonicrafter is an all-in-one oscillating tool ideal for a variety of applications Universal Fit system accepts accessories from most other brands Features Hyperlock tool-less blade change functionality with one-ton clamping force Utilizes safe and smooth microsonic high-frequency oscillation technology Backed by a two-year limited warranty

Product Features

  • Powerful 3.0-Amp motor with constant speed control
  • Hyperlock tool-free blade changes with up to 1-ton of clamping force to prevent blade slippage
  • Universal fit system adapts to fit most other brands accessories
  • Variable speed dial for precision control
  • Use to cut, saw, scrape, sand, shape, polish, and remove grout


Gershom says:

The new and improved Sonicrafter The Rockwell Sonicrafter X2 Model RK5140K is a sweet tool that leaves little to complain about.First impressions: Tool boxes rarely get enough attention. A lot of thought went into the Sonicrafter case. There are two well-sized compartments in the lid for attachments. Inside is a single well which provides ample space for the tool and its cord. Opening the box for the first time requires the removal of four plastic wire ties. A utility knife will work, but pair of diagonal pliers…

Russell A. Sleyster says:

The Sonicrafter, versatile and handy Title: Versatile and Powerful Oscillating ToolI have a full wood/metal shop, and I’ve been working wood since the late 60s. I love this Rockwell Sonicrafter power tool. If you haven’t yet used an oscillating tool, you are in for a pleasant surprise.I visited Lowes and Home Depot for a hands-on examination of oscillating tools and accessories available. After I got the Sonicrafter, I discovered it is easy to use. I can cut and sand in places other power tools can’t reach,…

Terry Mairs says:

Rockwell Sonicrafter is a great tool to have. The Rockwell sonicrafter is an excellent tool to have. I have used it for undercutting door jambs and it has performed flawlessly. I have also used the Fein product which is also a good tool to have but the Rockwell is quite a bit less money. I also like the ease of blade change with the new hyperlock system. No need for wrenches to change blades. The blades are a little pricey but they seem to hold up quite well if you don’t force the work and let the tool cut on it’s own.

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