Rockwell RK5100K SoniCrafter 21-Piece Kit

Giving you the ability to sand, polish, scrape, and cut a wide variety of materials, the Rockwell RK5100K SoniCrafter 21-piece kit is your all-in-one tool kit for carpentry work. Enhanced by 20 accessories, the tool operates with microsonic high-frequency oscillation to produce smooth, safe movements without kickback. Ideal on the job site or around the house, this efficient tool boasts a slim body that makes it ideal for working in confined spaces.

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SoniCrafter 21-Piece Kit includes: Sonicrafter tool 2 cutting blades 1 sanding pad 1 hex key 15 sanding sheets Carry bag

Microsonic™ high-frequency oscillation provides smooth, safe movement without kickback. View larger. A Complete Workshop in One Versatile Tool
Whether you’re a professional woodworker or an avid do-it-yourselfer, the RK5100K is an effective way to streamline your work. Easily carried in its compact, lightweight bag, the kit can be kept at your fingertips for all your remodeling, installation, and repair projects.

Starting with the basics, the 21-piece multipurpose kit comes with a Sonicrafter tool and includes two cutting blades, a sanding pad, and 15 sanding sheets that help you to make plunge cuts, flush cutting door jams, and sand, with professional-grade results. It also includes a hex key and carry bag.

The kit’s versatile capabilities come in handy when performing multi-duty tasks, such as exposing hardwood flooring. First, the universal end-cut blade easily cuts through thick linoleum. Then, the sanding system takes over, helping you efficiently polish those hard-to-reach spaces.

High-Frequency Oscillation for Smooth, Safe Precision
For the safest and most accurate work, the RK5100K features super high-frequency oscillation technology. This means that instead of rotating, it makes 20,000 back-and-forth oscillations per minute for ultra smooth, efficient results. Because there are no fast-spinning parts or alternating blades, there are no threats of kickback.

Thanks to its advanced design, the RK5100K cuts only hard materials when fitted with a blade attachment. This way, the tool easily cuts heavy-duty materials, while keeping the user’s hands and fingers safe.

The RK5100K can cut wood, thin metals, fiberglass, masonry, plastic, carpet, flooring, cement board, and even vinyl siding.

High Sanding Capacity with Low Dust Levels
For sanding jobs, this tool requires very little downward pressure and delivers great accuracy. And its slim body enhances your sanding capabilities, allowing you to work on edging and corners that are often not possible to reach with other tools. Plus, it affords you quick and easy clean-up, throwing a very low level of dust whether you’re sanding, cutting, or scraping.

Easy Handling with Lightweight Frame and Soft Grip
The RK5100K has magnesium alloy gear housing, making it lightweight enough for extended use and rugged enough for long-term durability. The soft, ergonomic grip offers you optimum comfort and control while you tackle the job at hand.

What’s in the Box
Rockwell RK5100K SoniCrafter tool, 2 cutting blades, 1 sanding pad, 1 hex key, 15 sanding sheets, and a convenient carry bag.

Ideal for use with a wide range of materials, this all-in-one tool makes sanding, cutting, and scraping simple tasks.

Product Features

  • Safe cutting – unique high frequency oscillation only cuts hard materials, so the users hands and fingers are much safer than a saw that rotates
  • Smooth running – there are no fast spinning parts or alternating blades creating movement of the tool, only a high frequency oscillating action resulting in no kickbacks.
  • Sonicrafter throws a very low level of dust whether your sanding, cutting or scrapping.
  • Up to the edge and corners – with Sonicrafter you can get into difficult to reach areas that is not possible with a corc saw or jigsaw or even most sanders.
  • High sanding capacity – with virtually no force or downward pressure required.

3 thoughts on “Rockwell RK5100K SoniCrafter 21-Piece Kit

  1. Poor Customer Service, mediocre long-term quality I wish I had, had the opportunity to actually use one of these that had seen extended service before I actually bought one.For the first few months the Sonicrafter worked OK. Then the mediocre workmanship started to show up. I sent numerous emails, and made several phone calls to Rockwell. They never answered or returned any of them. In desperation I called the sales number on the infomercial. The sales rep took all my information and said I would get a call the next day. Needless…

  2. Rockwell Quality [yes variable speeds] OMG, the Rockewell SoniCrafter is great. I was looking for a corded oscillating tool and looked at the Fein Multitasker and blades, but it is just way too expensive to purchase for my needs. So I bought the Dremel and the Rockwell to compare side by side…The $100 Dremel is lighter and a bit smaller but the buzz the motor makes compared to the Rockwell motor [a little bit heavier and slightly bigger] which humms smoothly is like comparing a Vespa scooter to a Victory street…

  3. rinthesun I purchased this unit 2 weeks ago. Take note, this version, $119.95, does not have variable speed.Fein’s patent ran out, so that is why we are now seeing some competition. The Dremel version does not have a blade that will cut nails which is also true of the Multitool ($59.95) from Harbor Frieght. The Rockwell claims it has a blade that will cut nails a useful feature if you are disassembly something with nails or screws like a countertop.All of the competition uses a…

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