JET 708432K JDS-12DC 12-Inch 1 Horsepower Open Stand Disc Sander with Dust Canister, 115/230-Volt 1 Phase

Includes JDS-12OS 12-in Disc Sander with Open Stand and DC – 708432KBecause shop disc sanders are often used for quick little jobs, they tend to not get hooked up to a dust collector with every use. This new model from JET solves that problem by including its own built-in high airflow dust collection impellor and 2-micron canister filter. Any time you turn it on–whether for 15 minutes of serious sanding or 30 seconds of cleaning up a saw cut–your dust is collected and your shop air stays clean. The machine runs on a 1-horsepower, totally enclosed, fan-cooled motor that provides ample power for any sanding task you come up with. It has a hefty 12-inch steel disc, with a manual brake for quickly slowing it down and stopping. You also get a generous cast-iron table that tilts from 90 to 45 degrees, along with a miter gauge and circle jig. All in all, this is a great sander at a great price that will provide a long life of service in your shop. –Brian Trinen

Product Features

  • Built-in dust collection with 2-micron filter
  • 1 Horsepower Totally enclosed fan-cooled motor
  • Open Stand
  • Convenient brake slows disc quickly
  • Circle Jig and Miter gauge included

2 thoughts on “JET 708432K JDS-12DC 12-Inch 1 Horsepower Open Stand Disc Sander with Dust Canister, 115/230-Volt 1 Phase

  1. Quite Pleased I’d been wanting to upgrade my (hobbyist) wood sanding capabilities for several months. I usually do a thorough research job online, then visit retailers who stock whatever I narrow down. This purchase was no exception, but $350 is a chunk of change for some of us, and my “work shop” has limited floor space.After concluding that my belt sander could handle most ‘long boards’ and table tops effectively, I settled on a disc-only model, instead of a combo disc-belt model. The two…

  2. 12 inch disch sander I purchased this sander with the dust collector about six months ago. The tool arrived within 2 weeks from Amazon without any damage. Assembly was very simple and required putting the stand together and then bolting the sander on the stand. The motor is very strong and quiet and it has plenty of power for a home sander. There is no significant vibration. The dust collector works very well and there is no visible airborne dust.The only negative aspect is the disc run out. The…

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