Genesis GAMT701 Sandpaper Assortment, 12-Piece

This Sandpaper Assortment includes 12-Piece sandpaper: 3-Piece of 60 grit 3-Piece of 80 grit, 3-Piece of 120 grit and 3-Piece of 240 grit. Hook and Loop backing makes the attachment easy and convenient. Designed to be compatible with the Genesis GAMT711 and other similar triangular backing pads. The GAMT701 12-Piece Sandpaper Set and GAMT711 Hook and Loop Backing Pad Universal Accessories fit almost All Oscillating Tools on the Market, most with NO Adaptor Needed and is an excellent accessory for our popular Genesis GMT15A, GMT16V and GMT25T Oscillating Tools.

Product Features

  • 12 pieces of Hook and Loop Sandpaper includes 60, 120, 240 grit sandpaper for efficient sanding of hardwood, softwood, metal and other materials
  • 3-1/8-Inch triangular designed Hook and Loop design allows for quick, convenient removal and changing of sanding paper
  • Triangular design helps reach tight corners for efficient removal of material
  • Primarily used for “Grinding/Sanding” with your Oscillating Tool
  • Genesis Universal Quick-Fit Oscillating Tool Accessories fit most standard AND tool-free oscillating tools, including the popular Genesis GMT15A

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