Festool DX 93 E Detail Sander

Includes DX 93 E Gear-Driven Deltex Detail Sander – 567738, Plate – 488717, 3-11/16″ StickFix® Sanding Pad – 488715, Flat Sanding Pad – 488036, Abrasive Sheet, Systainer 1 Case – 445433

Product Features

  • Triangular sanding head with equal angle corners allow for tight access and three useful corners of the abrasive.
  • Orbital sanding motion reaches into the tightest corners with orbital sanding motion with a 2.5mm stroke while providing excellent sanding results.
  • Gear driven with high torque sanding power for strong abrasion ability strips and smooths surfaces quickly and efficiently.
  • Dust extraction designed pads with built in compact dust channel and a rear port that keeps the hose in-line with the power cord.
  • Multiple pads available whether hard or soft as well as a flat extended-length pad for getting into tight places such as louvers or between spindles.

2 thoughts on “Festool DX 93 E Detail Sander

  1. Perfect for Sanding Louvered Shutters With Optional Extension The German-made DX 93 is perfect for sanding louvered shutters with the optional extension foot (Festool 488036) . The unit is powerful, but controllable. The unit is solidly constructed, as are all Festool tools, so it has some weight to it, but not an excessive amount. The sanding pads are not terribly expensive when purchased in quantities of 50 or 100 and when…

  2. A Most Worthy Sander This thing just plane works. It’s small enough to make it easier to get into small spots, and the dust collection works well. It’s my “go to” sander for all small work, or work in tight confines, or where I need to get into a corner. It’s nicely balanced, light, and very well made.

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