Brand New Bosch RS6045 6-Hole Hook & Loop Backing Pad

6-Inch, 6-hole hook and loop backing pad (soft). Best used with Bosch random orbit sanders to produce the most consistent and even finish. The eight-hole pad allows for excellent dust collection in all applications and align perfectly with Bosch 6-Inch sanding discs.

Product Features

  • For use with abrasive discs and polishing bonnets on Bosch random orbit sanders
  • The soft rubber pad is optimized for general-purpose sanding and polishing
  • Fits Bosch models 1250DEVS, 3727DEVS, and ROS65VC

2 thoughts on “Brand New Bosch RS6045 6-Hole Hook & Loop Backing Pad

  1. Great general purpose pad, but there are other choices. I have the sander. It comes with this medium-soft backing pad, part number RS6045, which is fine for general purpose sanding.When I need to sand a contoured surface, I switch to the because it’s softer and…

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