BOSCH 5 In. Soft Hook & Loop Pad

5-Inch, 8-hole backing pad for hook-and-loop sanding and polishing discs. Best used with Bosch random orbit sanders to produce the most consistent and even finish. The eight-hole pad allows for excellent dust collection in all applications and align perfectly with Bosch 5-Inch sanding discs.

Product Features

  • For use with abrasive discs and polishing bonnets on Bosch random orbit sanders
  • The soft rubber pad is optimized for general-purpose sanding and polishing
  • Fits Bosch sander models ROS10 and ROS20VS

3 thoughts on “BOSCH 5 In. Soft Hook & Loop Pad

  1. Be sure that this fits your tool. I have a Bosch orbital sander that is nearly 20 years old. The old sander still works and the pad itself is OK but the hook and loop fabric piece came off. The amazon catalog entry shows two images for this – one is like mine with a small center hole that screws to the sander. The other image shows a large center hole with a circle of screw holes around it. Unfortunately the actual pad is the latter which is not compatible with my old sander. This pad fits only one of the types – not both…

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