Black & Decker 74-673 Mega 220 Grit Sand Paper, 5-Piece


Grit : 220 grit
Use on wood, metal & paint.
For the mega mouse sander
Fits all popular finishing/detail sanders.The Black & Decker 74-673 Mega Mouse Paper is designed for use with the Black & Decker Mouse and Megamouse sanders, as well as the Sandstorm and the Ryobi Corner Cat. This 220-grit, fine sandpaper can be used on wood, metal, and paint. Five papers are included per pack.

Product Features

  • 220-grit, fine sandpaper fits many popular detail sanders
  • Ideal for sanding wood, metal, paint
  • Five papers per pack

2 thoughts on “Black & Decker 74-673 Mega 220 Grit Sand Paper, 5-Piece

  1. Sandpaper – OK for unfinished wood I have a Black and Decker sander that this paper fits. Unfortunately they do not sell an open coat version of this paper. It loads up much too quickly for sanding between coats of finish. It is also partially cut thru to allow the user to make it smaller to fit various models of B&D sanders. I have the largest sander and the ridges created by the perforations load up and sometimes curl keeping the remainder of the paper out of contact with the wood.You have no choice though, you…

  2. Good, honest sand paper I bought the B& D sander and this paper. It is easy to use, gentle on the hands. I like the rigidity of the backing. No more old fashioned sanding blocks for me.

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