1″ x 30″ SURGI-SHARP® Leather Belt & Abrasive Stick

Welcome to a new way of putting an edge on your tools. De-burr and polish your tools like a fine swiss carving tool. They slide through the wood with minimum effort. Don?t let the simplicity or the low price of this tool fool you. Once you own one, you?ll wonder how you did without this high quality edge on your tools.

Product Features

  • Puts a Surgical Edge on your Tools with Leather
  • The SURGI-SHARP® method takes you beyond the standard edge
  • Easy to use
  • Includes 1- SURGI-SHARP® Leather Belt, 1″ x 30″
  • Includes 1- Abrasive Stick

2 thoughts on “1″ x 30″ SURGI-SHARP® Leather Belt & Abrasive Stick

  1. Quality Leather… a little loose on my sander Okay, it’s not just me. EVERYONE is trying to get the “Scary-Sharp” edge on their EDC and hunting knives. So I purchased this belt to take the labor out of finish stropping. It’s good quality, and has been used quite extensively, and is holding together just fine. It’s just loose on my Harbor Freight sander, and keeps flying off (maybe I should contact them). Anyway, I purchased another, and it’s nice and tight. I’ve always debated whether or not to use strop dressing or abrasive…

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