Stanley Bostitch P6C-8 PowerCrown Stapling Plier; Box Closing, Dry Cleaning. Ergonomic design and patented easy squeeze bearing system for easy of use, along with a quick-load magazine. Bearing system allows an easy squeeze action across entire operating sequence creating a quicker, tighter clinch with less strain. The coated top-load magazine permits faster, smoother staple loading; magazine holds up to 85 staples.

Product Features

  • STAPLING PLIER,5019 Model P6C-8
  • 1 per carton

3 thoughts on “BOSTITCH STAPLING PLIER,5019 Model P6C-8

  1. Strong stapler I bought this stapler for a single purpose, to join the ends of belt keepers in a leatherworking business. However, I have long been frustrated with staples that bend time and again if you try to assemble more than maybe ten sheets of paper. Many people know the situation of holding a stack of papers tightly, putting a corner in the stapler, and pressing fast for try number one, which crushes the staple, and then very slowly on try number two, which also crushes the staple, and so on with…

  2. Bad to the Bone I am a book seller. I use single faced corrugated cardboard wrapped around a book 2 times and stapled as my preferred shipping media. I have purchased 4 different staplers in one year, and have been disappointed each time. Either the staples were too thin or the stapler had to be followed up with tool pliers to crimp the staples. NOT ANYMORE. These do the entire job with one easy press. These things are easy to use and the staples are thick to hold anything. The staples curve under…

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