Arrow 259 Genuine T25/T2025 9/16-Inch Staples, 1,000-Pack

Accessories DISCONTINUED / 9/16 Staples Fo9/16 Staples ForT25 (1000)

Product Features

  • 9/16-Inch Staples
  • 1,000 per box
  • Round Crown with 5/16-inch width
  • Fits Arrow’s T2025, T25 Staple Gun, ET2025 Electric Staple Gun, and Stanley CT10C
  • Fit the T-25M (2750-0909) and T2025 (2750-1345) tackers

3 thoughts on “Arrow 259 Genuine T25/T2025 9/16-Inch Staples, 1,000-Pack

  1. These little buggers are like gold in the hardware stores in Hawaii. You seldom can find them at even twice the price.The nice thing about using genuine arrow staples is that they will work in the old lever guns like I have and some of the newer electric tools also. These 9/16″ size are perfect for soft and hard wood and just about everything else including concrete.My main use for these staples is network and phone cable around the house and shop. But there are many…

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