Hitachi D13VG 9 Amp 1/2-Inch Drill

Hitachi D13VG 9-Amp Reversible Drill with Chuck Key, Side Handle, Case and Handle Joint

Product Features

  • Powerful 9 Amp high performance motor
  • New ergonomic form-fit design
  • Conveniently located reverse switch
  • Trigger lock
  • Hitachi exclusive 5 year warranty
  • Comes with a 5-year limited warranty
  • Equipped with an electronic variable speed trigger with a lock-on switch
  • Motor delivers 651-inches per pound of torque
  • Powerful 9-amp high performance motor

3 thoughts on “Hitachi D13VG 9 Amp 1/2-Inch Drill

  1. Contractor strong but still compact. Side handle extension a plus. I purchased this Hitachi to replace a supposedly-heavy-duty 1/2″ Craftsman drill that ground down to a halt in the middle of its infancy. (I was drilling sheetmetal for a seat bracket, nothing special, and it flat died. This was roughly the tenth time I had used the drill.) After asking some friends in the know and researching amp/torque levels online, I began looking for the Hitachi. By getting an Amazon C/C I ended up paying a hair over $100. I couldn’t be happier. In the last month I…

  2. Torque If you want a drill with tons of torque, this drill is for you. I’m a big guy (fat) & I can really lean on this drill without stopping, or slowing it down much which is uncommon these days. Look at all the others & I don’t think you can find one with more torque without spending alot more.

  3. Tons of torque. Without going to a large right angle drill or hole-hawg you’re not going to get more powerful than this. I’ve given mine a serious workout with large hole-saws, self feed auger bits, large metal drill bits, and driving lag bolts. Nothing is a problem. Need more power? Press the trigger down a little further. Just watch out, if the bit binds up its you that’s going for the ride…

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