DEWALT DW222 3/8-Inch 0-1200 rpm VSR Drill w/Keyless Chuck 6.7 amp

DEWALT’s 3/8-Inch VSR Drill is a heavy-duty corded drill that features a single-sleeve keyless chuck with spindle lock for quick and easy bit removal/insertion. This lightweight drill weighs only 3.3 pounds and has an ergonomically shaped handle with anti-slip grip. The large, two-finger variable speed trigger control makes it easy to choose the best speed for the job and offers speeds of up to 1200 RPM.

Product Features

  • Helical-cut steel, heat-treated steel gears for long life and durability
  • Single-sleeve keyless chuck with spindle lock provides greater bit retention and tool-free convenience
  • Two-finger, rubber trigger for increased comfort
  • Large, 2-finger variable speed trigger control
  • Heat-treated gears provide long-lasting durability

2 thoughts on “DEWALT DW222 3/8-Inch 0-1200 rpm VSR Drill w/Keyless Chuck 6.7 amp

  1. Can you say “Hella torque” ? I can’t believe the torque on this thing! I’m not sure if an extra handle is available for this, but if it is, get it. The single sleeve keyless chuck takes away any disadvantages of a keyless chuck. It’s got a spindle lock so you can use your whole hand to wrench on the chuck to make sure it’s tight. In addition, it’s geared low so it gets really tight. The rear grip is figured just right to fit your hand “carpenter’s style” That is, squeeze the trigger with your ring and pinky…

  2. SOLID CORDED DRILL I purchaced the dw222 of a clearance rack for 50.00. I find that it is a fine drill,I really like the drills push button spindle lock. It is simple, but it works great. The chuck is simple (does not ratchet)but it holds bits tight. I think the trigger is a bit too sensitive(on mine).Its torque is good,but for big bits I find that I must watch the rpms,this drill does stall.My Milwaukee magnum 302 has never stalled in the 3 years I have owned it. The DW 222 excells in drilling small…

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